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Solara An-Ra's 7 Step Plan

Polish Translation below

In this talk I give down-to-Gaia advice on how to keep up with the energy shifts on the planet. My experience in working with groups over recent years is that many spiritual warriors are focussing on advanced techniques and concepts around ascension, without a real grasp of what is needed to stay grounded & happy - & to make their lives joyful and productive right here right now!

Scroll down for written summary of the 7 steps after all 4 parts below.



In summary, we need to: -

1. Reconnect with our physical bodies in love and joy (Try Chakra Dancing & Solar-Lunar Balance Meditations).
2. Learn how to use our minds effectively to manifest what we desire, rather than letting them use us (Try Manifest Your Dreams technique).
3. Achieve emotional mastery, learning to move into a state of unconditional love at will, rather than a state of fear in which we will continue to be jerked around by the Manipulators (Try Unity Consciousness Breath & Sacred Heart Meditations).
4. Use our breath consciously to connect between our physical and energy bodies, and stay in THE NOW (Try Nadhi Shodhana & Connection with the Breath Meditations).
5. Establish energy awareness in order to heal ourselves on all levels and develop discernment (Try Morning Chakra & Essential Daily Practices Meditations).
6. Connect daily with our Earth Mother Gaia in love and gratitude (Try Essential Daily Practices and Grounding into Gaia Mediations).
7. Master Vertical Connection, in order to stay peacefully in our centres, drawing ourselves out of the drama of the everyday world around us at will (Try Essential Daily Practices, Unity Consciousness Breath & Sacred Altar of the 7 Directions Meditations)

Love love love,

Solara An-Ra Warrior of the Light


Hi Solara, thank you for the 7 step guide you put up on utube, so easy, logical and powerful, life really is so simple and us humans with the wrong guidance have over complicated simplicity, what a lovely thing we are all starting to realise this now lol (I have been a little lost , but now I have found my feet again never to be lost again!) Namaste, Alex xx
Thank you so much for your wonderful videos and meditations. Your 7-Step plan has really helped me the most in my quest for divine truth. Everything you spoke of was so synced to everything I needed to hear. Especially the parts about the conspiracy theories and the lies, I was finding myself getting frustrated and angry with these issues but after watching and listening to you, I have let go of the anger towards these things. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!  DJ Drew
Hi Solara.  First, Thank You!!!  What I can say is you were there for my relationship with my wife when I needed someone.  You were sent to help us.  Thank You!!!!  She liked you, ordered your cd's and I just watched your seven step plan and it was so perfect.  I just saw it on youtube and subscribed to you.  She will see it too.  We are so connected, thank you!!!!!! Mark (Dallas)
Thank you for the wonderful and simple truths that you share with the world. I find myself very drawn to you and the information you share. I stumbled upon your 7 Step Plan and everything you speak of was just what I needed to hear as I was one of those individuals trying to spread the truth with way too much emphasis and emotion on the lies and conspiracy stuff.

I've spent quite a bit of money on the past on a number of "enlightenment" audio programs from very reputable teachers but the information is rather drawn out and requires quite a bit of time dedication, time which I haven't chosen to dedicate. Thank you for all that you do. I am excited to meet you soon! :) Love, Peace, Light, & Truth,
Andrew Li

Polish Translations