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Casa Solara Ibiza 2019!

Ongoing Saturday morning Meditation/Pranayama/Guidance with Solara An-Ra
Casa solara Ibiza 09.30 - 11.00 (Contact Solara to book)

May 4 - 10:  Cacao & Transformation & Yoga Retreat ~ with Lisa Fearon

May 11 - 17: Chigung/ Tantric Yoga/ Meditation Retreat ~ with Jamie Hughes,
Eddie Mango & Jessica Bacchus 

May 19 - 24: Let the Sunshine in Your Heart ~ with Nayana & Elena Ilona

May 25 – May 31: Revive and Replenish Retreat ~ with Georgina Peard & Dominique Rentsch
Kundalini yoga, Meditation, Nature, Sun & Sea 

June 1 - 7: Awakening into Bliss ~ Yoga, Mantra, Meditation, Pranayama & Shakti Dance
with Carole Macartney

June 8 - 14: Tantra for Couples ~ with Claire de Lys (in French & English)

June 15 - 21: Kundalini Yoga Awakening Retreat ~ with Ria Dyaljot

June 21: 19.00 - 21.00: Sunset Solstice Ceremony @ Casa Solara

June 22 - 28: Sacred Womb Awakening Retreat - with Marjolein van Ommeren

June 29 – July 5: Star-Seed, Star-Tribe Star-Code AWAKENING Retreat ~
with Solara An-Ra 

July 6 - 12: Sacred Feminine Retreat ~ with Sophia Magdalena & Arktara
a Women's Retreat to Explore & Heal Intimacy & Sacred Sexuality

July 13 - 19: Yoga & Healing (Breath & Trauma Release) Retreat ~  including Chi Nei Tsang Massages - with Sharon Kousbrook & Slaovomira Lakshmi


Aug 30 – Sep 5: Yoga & Nurture Retreat ~ with Sandra Boeters (in Dutch)

Sept 7 - 13: Kundalini Yoga Awakening Retreat ~ with Ria Dyaljot

Sept 14 - 20: Yoga & Wellness Retreat ~ with Alexandra Evans & Mays Al-Ali

Sept 20 - 27: Opening to Channel & Multi-Dimensional Healing ~ with Solara An-Ra

Including ~ 23 Sep: Sunrise EQUINOX CEREMONY @ Aguas Blancas Beach

Sept 28 - Oct 4: Cacao Transformation & Yoga Retreat ~ with Lisa Fearon

Oct 5 – Oct 11: Nourish Thyself In Ibiza ~ With Arktara, Darin & Lacey (Sacred Paths Yoga)

Movement, Cacao, Personal Empowerment & Transformation

Oct 12 – 18: Feminine Awakening Retreat ~ with Christiane Ko Soul

Oct 20 – 25: Tao for Women ~ Chigung-plus with Dirke Veldman 

Oct 26 - 31: Tao for Women ~ Chigung-plus with Dirke Veldman 


6 - 16 November 2019 

Galactic Soul Path Activation 
Mayan & Aztek Temples of Mexico 


Mexico City  

Pyramids of Teotihuacan

Villahermosa & the Lemurian Crystal Skull of  Colmalcalco 

Palenque Crystal-Rainbow Tribe 




Spring of 2020

Casa Solara Portugal opens for Solara's first Retreat in the Algarve! :)



Dearest Solara An Ra, the teachings that you have brought forward have been transfroming me with full intensity, honestly I have no idea, what I would do without this Wisdom, this is it, you deliver the most important keys to initiate One into awarness of our Multidimensional beingness. I find that these courses of opening to channel and multidimensional healing, were the best thing I ever did in my life... 
I am so grateful and happy for this blessing, reconnection with the soul Star family and the awarness of Starbeingness, this has brought me Faith and inspiration to step up to a whole different level, alligned with the highest possible guidance to express my full potencial. 
The discipline of Pranayama, daily essentials and the different practices from your guided meditations are lifting me up, from the ground into a full standing pillar of Power and Light. 
And the new name initiation.... ohhh. It makes me cry, these tears of joy and infinite gratitude, for the liberation of my Soul, mind and body... finally I am able to experience my True Self coming through stronger and stronger. This frequency keeper role now makes more sense. My humble thank You, for being who you are and for doing what you do. I love you so much πŸ™πŸ’™πŸ’œβœ¨
Dear Solara, I wanted to let you know that I am so infinitely grateful that I could attend your workshops. I loved the room 😍 I loved everything about your workshops and could relate to everything in my heart with ease and I love our group! Everything was Divine and the food too! Also I feel reborn and expanded and happy πŸ˜ƒ and multidimensional in my creativity. May you receive back multiplied all the love you share with us and Itzak too! Sending you LOVE always, Sabri/Sibrina
Hi Solara, a HUGE thank you for the awesome week at Casa Solara. I learned so much and really immersed myself in all offered and hit highs never before experienced. I am sure you get a lot of gushing after your events but I just wanted to say thanks to a very cool sister of the Light. JO 😚
Hey Lovely Lady, thank you sooo much for bringing us all together for the Avalon Rising β£οΈπŸ˜‡ What an amazing and truely magical time. Meeting all the soul family, supporting those already known and connecting with the new. What joy and wonders!!! The Prana belly breathing is wonderful, and again, after the second workshop of yours, I have shifted πŸ˜‡πŸ’š Am now channelling - and practising...Thank you 😊 and to your guides again πŸ™ Much Love Ayrana πŸ’š

Dear Solara, reading your book this summer was so inspiring, giving me again the opportunity to connect in such a deep way.  You have always been a powerful light house in my life and I have experienced so many shifts inside of me that my life today is in a total different level than before the first time I came to Ibiza. All love, Anna

Dear Solara, what an interesting, amazing week with you and all the tribe! My head and body feels like jelly as a restructuring is going on. A sort of emptiness missing the group, like how do I fill this big space that's just been made he he, and all the love, beautiful. I think you're an amazing inspiration ~ I'm going to sound like a stalker, but I really could just follow you and your amazing courses. You have such a great attitude and your presence is so enriching. Thank you so much for all that you have shared and gifted! I look forward to us working together in the near future. Much love and gratitude beautiful oneβ€πŸ˜‡πŸ‘½ Love Rachel xxxx
Dear Solara, I can not thank you enough for doing what you do and being of service to all in the way you are. You are a catalysis for growth and change and have guided me to my higher purpose, and to awaken into my true self. Love and thank you...thank you! Sandra Lora
Thank you dear, sweet Solara for your amazing love, energy, commitment and dedication to Gaia and helping to recreate Eden on Earth. Your beautiful Casa Solara is such a perfect example and I’m going to be coming back again and again, so be warned!! Thank you for the great meditations, exercises and channellings, for giving us such a safe and loving space to unfold in and for your wonderful presence and spirit. Thank you, dear Itzak, for the amazing food prepared with so much love, peace and caring - pure Manna :-) And the garden which also carries your spirit of caring and harmony - it was the perfect place to rest, relax and return to one’s true self. Love, love, love, Yasmine
Dear Solara, since the 'Blueprint Activation' on Ibiza, I am fully plugged in. Everything I do is totally clear and the energy is flowing There is no hesitation or doubt anymore, even while shopping ;-) The guidance just sends me here and there, all I have to do is listen and act which makes life so much easier and immensely enjoyable. Adonai, Adonai, Adonai, DK Ishq
Dearest Solara, a thousand thanks for such an enlightening three days amongst like-minded, warm and wonderful people! The healing course has changed my perspective, my goals, my life! I received so much healing myself - an unexpected benefit - and had a wonderful time at your beautiful sanctuary in the bargain! Sending so much love, light and gratitude as always. B-J
Dearest Solara, the last workshop I attended in the end of April with the healing tools, was so powerful and helped me to gain my confidence and start using my skills and escpecially my voice without feeling shy.  I have been working on some people mostly without money, which has been helping me to experience different energy fields and become more relaxed in what I love to do.  Now I am in the process of designing my business card and finally putting my self out there! All my love from Greece, Anna

Being a guest at Casa Solara during the 'Muti-Dimensional Healing' workshop really opened up my mind and heart. I loved everything about it, staying in the company of my fellow healers and Solara really felt like home to me :-) Deeply true, profound and humorous, your teachings and your guides' messages really empowered me! Thank you Solara, and Lots of Love! Sabri

I have known Solara An-Ra for many years, traveling with her to many power spots around the world, sitting in the high energies she opens up to, and listening to the many Star Beings who come through her, sharing their insights, wisdom and Love they have for us all. She has found a paradise on Ibiza and created a beautiful space for workshops and retreats. I attended a retreat in September 2014 and was thrilled to re-connect with Solara and her Guides. It matters not whether you are new to your path or not, there is always gifted to each person, a learning, an insight, a sense of new empowerment to embody while there. As we know, the way forward is found within, and Solara's retreats are the perfect place to reach a little deeper, to expand your consciousness another level, to open your heart even more at your own pace, always finding exactly what you need at any given moment. If you need to receive that jump start, or just recharge, Solara offers a beautiful, safe, Sacred place to open to those dreams, those visions you have for yourself and for humanity. I learned a lot about myself and left there filled with joy and a new expansive view of my own reality. I also connected with many beautiful human Beings of Light who I continue to communicate with to this day. Some of these people, of course, are exactly who I needed to meet for some of the Service Work I do. I thank you, Solara An-Ra, for all  you do! I will be back indeed! Great gratitude to you, the beautiful Pleiadians and my Beloved Sirians who sent me your way again. Love, Keenara

Light Warrior Solara, thank you for the most enlightening and deeply healing wisdom ...I had the most amazing time with you and your wonderful group...I feel content to have found a trustworthy teacher and channel at last ...I really resonated with all that you said both channelled and was like your voice spoke the contents of my head and incredible mirror and confirmation of the re-minded me of my journey and nudged be deeper on my 'n kisses, Kwalilox

Dear Solara, you have given me the confidence and self belief that has been standing in the way of doing or being what I most want to be. So thank you, so much! You are and your guides are just wonderful to work with. I have many sources which inform my spiritual growth and learning, but your teachings, workshops, guidance and meditations have been the singular thread which resonates the most powerfully and consistently, connecting me to who I am, what I know and helping me grow, learn and develop beyond what I thought would be possible and which have enabled me to develop abilities I can now use for the good of myself and others. Love love love! Lucy

When I arrived at Casa Solara last year July I instantly felt peaceful and relaxed. The surrounding is absolutely breathtaking - you really feel one with nature. Solara is a very welcoming person and a true expert in what she does. Although before I had little introduction in the spiritual world, it was easy for me to pick up the flow and start my journey in meditation and healing. On the one hand Solara coached me through it personally and on the other hand she was well able to enhance the group spirit at the same time. For me it was the best week of my life so far! And looking back it was a life changing experience. Love and thank you, thank you Solara! Shelly Van der Ven

Where do I start? Casa Solara isn't just a stay, it's a feeling, a moment, a magical experience. Once me and Philippa arrived we didn't want to we didn't for most of our stay. It was an oasis of peace and love. If you're looking for a peaceful organic stay this is the place. We can't thank you enough. Love and peace. Namaste Jack xxx

Casa Solara is a lovely, personal and beautiful place to connect with yourself and your soul mates, to get guidance , inspiration and space to vibrate higher! Love love love! Elin Magdalena
Solara you are a beautiful being! Being at Casa Solara is always a beautiful experience with such amazing people! I never tire of annoying you with my company :D . Jamie Turek