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Guided Meditation CD Downloads
by Solara An-Ra: €11

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CD1:  Grounding, Chakra Healing & Breath Meditations

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Solara's first CD, recorded for her original 4-week 'Foundation Meditation' Courses ~ for beginners.

1. Meditation on the Breath (15.30 mins)
2. Grounding: Tree Meditation (6.27 mins)
3. Earth Connection ~ a guided Journey (15.29 mins)
4. Chakra Healing ~ with Affirmations (20 mins)

Four guided meditations designed to bring peace into your body and your life. Even beginners to meditation will find it easy to follow Solara's guidance ~ connecting with your sacred breath, with your energy centres and with Mother Earth.


CD2: Dancing into the Light

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For enhanced energy awareness & spiritual connection

1. Essential Daily Practices (13.26 mins)
There are 7 magic steps in this meditation, which my guides say include everything you need to be grounded and in your full power – and they work! Grounding is essential on a daily basis, to bring you into your body, focus you and place you into the present moment – your only point of power. Calling your energy back to yourself regularly is also crucial – combined with becoming aware of your aura/energy body.
 2. Essential Daily Practices – shorter version (8.24 mins)
3. Alternate nostril Breathing & Third Eye Meditation (16.20 mins)
Alternate nostril breathing is an amazingly effective technique for balancing you and putting you in a meditative state. Don’t take my word for it – try it! When you have mastered the technique, try it out on your own, without the CD, settling into your own place – even a few minutes of this will calm and centre your. You can practice this anywhere – even in your tea break when you are stressed at work. In this track you are led straight into a ‘third eye meditation’ – a very powerful way to improve your intuition and psychic abilities.
4. Morning Chakra Meditation (9.30 mins)
Focus on the sun, whether in your imagination or actually outside, and let the sun’s rays light up each chakra in turn. A wonderful way to start the day, or simply to balance and open all the chakras quickly. It is so empowering to connect consciously with our Father Sun – this meditation uses His healing energy and reconnects us with His power.
5. Sacred Heart Meditation (8.45 mins)
There is a growing awareness of ‘higher heart chakra’, between the personal heart chakra and the throat. My guides call this the ‘sacred heart chakra’ or ‘Amun’, which means ‘the hidden one’. Awareness and activation of this chakra is crucial at this time on earth – it allows us to connect with all other sentient being with love – which is exactly what is necessary to heal the world right now. In this beautiful channelled meditation you will activate yourself, all beings and the Christ Consciousness Grid above earth through the energy of unconditional love.
6. Dancing Chakra Meditation (17.30 mins)

When you’re not in the mood to sit still, and need to reconnect with your body, try this fantastic movement meditation. Let each energy centre move your body, as it is awakened, expressing beauty and power and letting go limitations! The meditation ends quietly as you sit down and open the transpersonal chakras – the sacred heart, and the cosmic and earth star portals.


CD3: Ascension ~ The Time Is Now!

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Pleiadian-Sirian meditations to raise us into the 5th dimension

These meditations are like an ascension manual, designed to heal the separation consciousness of the Piscean age and align you with your Higher Self. You will ground and bond more deeply with Gaia, our Earth Mother, and connect into the heart of our Galaxy, the Great Central Sun. You will also learn, from Solara’s Sirian guides, ways of entering the 4th & 5th dimension NOW. Our ascension is imminent – THE TIME IS NOW to prepare ourselvelves!

1. Dissolving the Veils (10 min)
2. Sacred Altar of the 7 Directions (15 min)
3. Connecting with your Higher Self (10 min)
4. Unity Consciousness Breath (12 min)
5. Connection with Gaia’s Ascension Grids (11)
6. Sirian Ascension Meditation (13 min)


CD4: Essential Deepening Meditations ~
Activating the Third Eye-Pineal.

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Awakening the Third Eye, Moving into Unity Consciousness
More advanced meditation & prananyama techniques

1. New Essential Daily Practices (10 minutes)
2. Om Nyaliman Shanti (6 minutes)
3. Advanced Alternate Nostril Breathing (8 minutes)
4. Third Eye-Pineal Awakener (8 minutes)
5. New Sacred Heart Meditation (11 minutes)
6. Confidence-Boost Meditation (7 minutes)
7. Shiva-Shakti Dance (5 minutes)
8. Music for Alternate Nostril Breathing (7 minutes)
9. Music for Quiet Meditation (8 minutes)

This wonderful meditation CD contains many of the powerful techniques Solara has been taught over the years. Many of these are tantric techniques which strengthen & balance the 2 primary forces within the body, the Shakti (Divine Feminine) & Shiva (Divine Masculine) energy streams. Bringing these 2 forces into balance leads us into Samadhi, the blissful state of enlightenment, also called Unity/Christ Consciousness.These are enjoyable, practical tools to help you shift into the fifth dimensional frequencies. THE TIME IS NOW!

1. New Essential Daily Practises: This is an even more powerful version of the 7-step meditation which my Pleiadian guides say include everything you need to stay grounded and in your full power! Grounding yourself, becoming aware of your energy body, cleansing your aura, calling your energy back to yourself and placing yourself in ‘vertical alignment’ – these are crucial steps that result in your staying in balance and stepping into your power! My guides say that if enough people did this meditation every day the world would shift into the required higher vibration instantly!

2. Om Nyaliman Shanti: A powerful mantra which uses a secret word, NYALIMAN, to pull Gaia’s magnetic energy up through your body to awaken your third eye, so that you can ‘see through the veils’ of illusion.

3. Advanced Alternate Nostril Breathing:Alternate nostril breathing is one of the most potent breath techniques ever gifted to us from the yogis. Using the bandhas (muscular energy  locks) makes this technique even more powerful in balancing the left and right brain, opening the Third Eye and leading you into Unity Consciousness. As we inhale we bring PRANA into the body - using the Root Lock stops that energy from being drained, so that Earth energy rises and triggers a flow of Kundalini up the spine. The Chin Lock at the top of the in-breath creates the pressure needed to push the energies up into the top 2 chakras, propelling you into blissful higher states of consciousness.

4. Third Eye-Pineal Awakener: This amazing meditation uses the tantric Solar (Shiva-God) & Lunar (Shakti-Goddess) forces to awaken the third eye-pineal gland. The point between the brows is the masculine portal to Ajna, while the medulla oblongata, where the neck meets the head, is the feminine entrance. The pathway between the 2 is called ‘The Psychic Bridge’, leading to the third ventricle in the exact geometric centre of the head, the ‘Cave of Brahma’ which houses the pineal gland - the true third eye.

5.Confidence-Boost Meditation: This tantric meditation awakens dormant Shakti energy and boosts all your chakras, leaving you more confident, dynamic and energised!
6. New Sacred Heart Meditation: My guides call the higher heart chakra AMUN. Awareness and activation of this chakra is crucial at this time on Earth – it allows us to connect with all other sentient beings through unconditional love, thus moving into Unity or Christ Consciousness as we were always destined to do.

7. Shiva-Shakti Dance: Start your day with this wonderful tantric dance – drawing the 2 complementary Shakti (magnetic) & Shiva (electric) energy flows through every cell of your body!
Tracks 8 & 9 are for your pleasure – so that you can do any one of the mediations on your own when you are familiar with them and don’t need my guidance.

I suggest that you put make a playlist on your ipod or burn your own CD with the meditations & music lined up to suit your personal preference at any stage of your personal development. E.G: You might start with the Essential Daily Practices, flowed by the music for alternate nostril breathing, followed by track 3, 4 or 5. Doing 3 practises/meditations each day will take up less than a half hour of your time – and your experience of life on Earth will improve immediately! Even if you do only 1 meditation daily you will notice the difference – peace, balance and happiness come easily from these powerful techniques. Enjoy!


Feedback on Solara's Meditations

I am writing to thank you for many of your gifts, but most especially the Daily Practices meditation. I have meditated for years, and have felt very good about my experiences -- but after a week of daily meditation with your recording, I can tell you that I can feel a significant change occurring. Thank you, thank you, for making your work available to all. Pam Younghans (Astrologer) Seattle, Washington

Hello Solara An-Ra,  I have to say I love the meditations - all your meditations are awesome, and since I have begun to meditate along with your guidance, I can actually get to that place of "no time" and am very grateful! Kate Deakin 

Dear Solara, thank you for all you have shared with me and countless others I'm sure. Your meditations are stellar and I am infinitely grateful for who you are and the wonderful things you do.  Love and Light to you Solara An-Ra! o:-)   xo, jenna

I still find tracks 1 and 4 of the CD1 the most useful and peaceful meditations of Solara's. The breathing, which is the first thing we learnt on the Foundation Meditation, is the quickest route for me into a quiet space - I do it in bed at night and also sitting up in the morning. The affirmations in the 'chakra healing' are so positive and healing to my consciousness I play that track even when I'm driving and washing the dishes, and i feel like I'm healing myself! Julia, mother and meditation student

Good Morning Solara, what an amazing meditation CD Ascension is! A couple of us got together for the 9-9-9 day. We did track 5 then track 6 ... we have never experienced anything like we did last night with the 2 meditations ... AMAZING is the only word we can say! In fact when we were done, one of the girls asked if she was still physically here! Sue Kobee (New York)

Dear Solara, I use your Morning Chakra and Daily practice meditations daily. I find them powerful, as they allow me to connect to my higher purpose, while at the same time they ground me to mother earth. Thank you again! Love and Light, Anthony

Dear Solara, I have found your new CD so helpful and amazing! The 'Morning Chakras Meditation' is wonderful - I felt a stretch in my spine and I felt much taller. What I experienced with the Sacred Heart Meditation is bliss, I cried tears as your voice directed me to feel the oneness. So much love! Wonderful!  Namaste. Angelines Mendes

When I am having difficulty focusing in meditation (which is most often), I will turn on one of your MP3's - it doesn't matter which one - and I am immediately focused, lifted, and I move with the meditation directions. Often, when I hear your voice, the love that comes through you and is you itself is the calming and focus I need. Your willingness to be a vessel for beings of such high love and intent, and to do the evolutionary work yourself, means that I can simply open a computer file, or a YouTube video, and be guided into a transformative, self-, other- and Earth-healing state far beyond that which I normally reach on my own.  Much much love!, Sadhya
My name is Trinity River and I have found your guided meditations as I was looking for a meditation about the Grand Cross. One of yours suited me perfectly and then I did the 11:11 meditation because that's been quite my number for the last Week here. Your meditations are obviously divinely Channeled and  your voice is lovely and as i was doing them I saw all types of fantastic geometric imagery along with the things that you're guiding us to. I am so grateful that you have given these to the world. I just had to take the time to tell you so and thank you. To you and whatever team you have that's helped you with this I am eternally grateful. I am in the visioning all earthlings as Golden Angels now. Thank you thank you thank you. Namaste, Trinity_River
Namaste dear Solara. Thank You so much for all your good work. It is a pleasure to share this time of change on planet earth. For a long lime now I was seeing with my inner eye those wings on the back of my heart chakra slowly opening by themselves. Without knowing, without Intention, just by themselves. Then another beautiful Soul - Birgitta - told me to listen to Your meditations. Here I found similarities in the development of the lightbody. It is wonderful to see and hear others changing in such a beautiful way. Thank You for sharing Your experiences and knowledge with all of us. Thank You from the heart! Joerg
Dear Solara An Ra!🌞🌹 I am from Austria and heard your incredible beautiful voice on youtube in the english most beautiful meditation I ever heard in my life. It helped me so much, feeling home,protected,balanced, I don t find exact words.... Thank you for being on earth... Namastè, be blessed,Adonai... I will listen to all your meditations . I ve been in Egypt now at the Pyramids,and saw you ve been there too.!!🐪🌴🌌 Liebe Grüsse, Petra Dursun
Hi Solara, I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the daily practice. As I have informed the “locals” here in Australia & Singapore time zones, it is the best guided connection/integration exercise I have experienced in 30 odd years of such guided meditations. Thank you! I feel so much better, being integrated, getting my energy back, connecting & being balanced & whole. Love doing this every morning, it’s wonderful! Love & Light, Lynn

Dear Solara, I was guided today to your web site where I discovered the Pleiadian Meditation for Gaia.. Love love love love and thank you so much dear one.. It has tremendously assisted me in allowing a settling down to take place within me.. Much love to our dear sweet friends the Pleiadian Councils of Light and I welcome deeply in to my heart heart their amazing wisdom!! I send you much light and love.. Mark Trevis

Miranda Petty from New Mexico posted this beautiful drawing of hers on facebook - and when I enquired if it was inspired by the 'One-Heart Mudra', she replied, Oh Solara An-Ra, what a blessing to hear from you! I am so happy you like my drawing. It definitely came from your meditation and sharing about this mudra. I was meditating and found when I came to, I had this mudra at my forehead! It was wonderful! I felt as if I had a light behind my forehead, I was trying to "look" around thru it! I truly love your help and meditations. Miranda Petty

Hello Solara, My name is Tony Tripi and I have practiced  your 22 min mediation and done some work with Chakra Balancing.  Your meditation and voice are very soothing and I appreciate your work. THANK YOU !!!!   You have a new fan here in Western New York.    

Whenever I hear/do one of your meditations, my vibration is instantly raised and I feel better, physically and psychically… you take me HOME where I belong and I am sooooooo grateful to you! Sending you a some summer heat from Hungary and  LOVE LOVE LOVE, Marianne

Solara, With gratitude and appreciation, love and light I send you this message. The gift of your meditations can only be described as a Touch from God/Universe. The words,music,and vibrations experienced by me has brought me closer to my guides and enhanced my White Light. I send to you an abundance of love and light, which in turn will continue to fill us all with our Warrior Light. I continue to seek my purpose and pray that I will hear through my meditations where best I can serve the Universe and Mother Earth. THANK YOU, White Light to you my friend! Respectfully, Lorraine
Dear sister, today, when I tried your "Angelic Higher Self Activation Meditation", I cried. After watching your 7steps to 2012, remembering your 7th step, connecting with gaia, and then transmuting the light, in the meditation, from the heavens into gaia WITH LOVE, I couldn't help but cry. I cried for how much I love gaia and how I long to show her each and every waking moment. I cried because I could feel her love as well, it was so incredibly strong and nourishing. I don't encounter quite an unconditional love like that very often. Perhaps every now and then in brief moments with humans or animals but now that I connected with her again through this meditation, I can feel that love every time I concentrate on it. So very grateful I am for your site and you,Solara An Ra. You are creating something beautiful. Love and gratitude, Katie.

Dear Sister, I've been utilizing the 11-11-11 meditation as much as possible on a daily basis.  Today I listened to it repeatedly as my bus traveled from the burbs to the big city. I followed it up with Krishna Das' cd Heart As Wide As The World. By the time I reached work, I was oozing with LOVE. I look forward to seeing you again soon. A Solara Hug and Kiss feels long overdue. Love, Love, Love, G-RA

Dear Solara, i just want you to know that your new meditation 11 11 11 ohh is soooo powerful!!! When I arrived to the part of visulalizing my third eye with the flame and then puting the flame in my hart BOOOM my head intantly went back completle and my tongue went up to my palate - my heart was beating very fast and also I was breathing very quickly although i was in so much peace I stayed in that position for 10 min at that time I wasnt in charge of my body. i couldn´t move my brain didnt respond , i knew something was happenig to me something good !!!! Afterwards I felt like I was a different person very weird but beautifull at the same time.I stayed in a meditation state for 15 min more and return to my physical body slowly.. It was amazing really powerful. love and thank you thank you, Vanessa

Dear Solara, I just felt I particularly wanted to thank you for the beautiful Angelic Higher Self Activation meditation.All of your meditations are wonderful! Thank you again, Love and blessings, Julia

Dear Dear Solara, ABSOLUTELY REMARKABLE meditations!  144,000 big thanks coming from my larger heart! :). Just wanted to share that your channelings deeply resonate for me so it's with great joy to send you Light on all your world travels. Thank you Solara.Cheerie-O, Blessings, Love and Gratitude for your radiant teachings to Tribe, Lisa Rose in Arizona

Hi, my name is Salman Parvez and I just wanted to email you because your daily meditation practices help me out more than anything else in the world.  I go to University of Rhode Island and it puts a positive perspective everyday I go into school.  Thank you very much! Salman Parvez Light Warrior

Dear Solara, I love your meditations, they bring me into my centre so quickly and enable me to find that point of stillness and peace that words can never describe, and also feel so grounded afterwards too.  I wanted to thank-you for all of that and your generosity in sharing your knowledge so willingly.  I am going to miss your radio program but will look forward to your teleseminars. Much love, many blessings and heartfelt gratitude, Frances (Canada)

Solara An-Ra, I just wanted to thank you for all the wonderful meditations that I use daily and it is helping me to awaken to the light. I don’t start a day without you essential daily practices. And also don’t end a day without them. I am sending lots of loving light your way. And thank you again for this gift to us all.
Love and Light, Joe Vallee, The Netherlands

I love your meditations and have been using the New Pleiadian Daily Practice with all my students and referring them to your website. I hope they will be donating/buying things too as well as listening to the words of wisdom that you channel through! Infinite blessings on you and your work and to all those who have you in their care
  Linda Turner SpR/SRT Teacher Vice President, SRA Board

The new pleiadian essential daily practises meditation is very powerful, thank you so much for all of your assistance! Resurgam75

Dearesr Solara, Thank you for all the work you do!  The meditations you share are most profound and have taken me in leaps and bounds to beautiful places.  I connect with Gaia's ascension grids almost daily; it really feels like I can reach out to every person on earth with love, to do what I can to assist them in awakening to their higher wisdom - and it usually feels a lot more effective than trying to encourage them to do so from the level they typically operate at! Alana (Canada)

Hey, I liked your NEW pleiadian essential daily practises! I always feel so much better after I do your meditations. This meditation makes me feel that I am back on my track again and definitely feel whole and truly ME again. I just did that new meditation couple minutes ago and I had stomach ache before it, but the ache was completely gone after finishing the meditation. Urvalda

Dear Solara An-Ra, My Wife Cassi and I use your meditations off your website everyday and we can't express to you enough what a difference it has made.   A Thousand thank you's 2u! In Love and Unity, Mark and Cassi Farrand

Hi there, I just want to say your free meditations are amazing! I am also using DNA Unlock tones with it and the results are really amazing.  With much love and joy...Namaste, Jason

My life has completely transformed with the assistance of your guided meditations and channeled messages. I can now easily maintain awareness of my lightbody, go into deep states of meditation, communicate with my guides, and travel out of body." With Infinite Gratitude, Love, and Blessings, Allison

"I have shared many tears with you during your meditations.  These were never tears of sadness but always tears of pure joy knowing I had finally found my way home. Namaste, Love Mary

I love your meditations so much and have been using them for the past few months. I want to thank you for all the amazing work you do on behalf of this Terran tribe of ours. It is exceptional. Keep up the great work - you are wonderful light! Cheers! Lots of love, Maria -  Los Angeles

Hi  Solara  An-Ra  Warrior of the light, I've just done your gaia  grid connection meditation - its  BEAUTIFUL! I saw the golden  grid the rainbow lines spreading out to the grid, and felt the love energy of the Christ Conciousness grid and felt like i was meditating  with hundreds of others If there's proof of the pudding,  it's certainly in this one!  Mike Jay, love  love love

The 'Connection with Gaia's ascension Grids' meditation is simply OUTSTANDING!!  Very VERY powerful.  I love all your meditations and am grateful to you for posting them. I send much Love to you now!  Marlo Page - Canada

Dear Solara, Your voice has an incredible magic in it, and I rejoice each and every day to listen to your Daily Practice, which often is delivering to me inner images and insights. Thank you so much for your work and also thank you very much for making it available for free! With love, Verena - Germany

Dear Solara, your meditations have affected me immensely today. I have had much trouble grounding in the past, making it not difficult for me to recieve many energies, but difficult to make them of conscious use. However, today while listening to the essential practices, i felt your intense light and energy come through the beautiful strength of vibration that is your voice, and when i aligned my DNA into a beautiful indigo chord i felt the strongest connection to my existence on Gaia that i have yet experienced. Namaste, peace, love, light, wisdom and many many blessed thanks. Eva Louise Williams - Melbourne Australia

Solara, thank you with all my heart for sharing your meditations. I've been using your Daily Practice and Sacred Heart since the autumn when I saw your ad in Cygnus and I've recently come across your Higher Self meditation too on your website. This has been wonderfully important to me in integrating some of the extensive past life and initiatory meditative work I've been doing over the last couple of years.  Sometimes you just need something to come in from the outside to give you a nudge to tie up certain aspects – and it was you with your beautiful voice! Bless you! With lots of love and blessings, Maggie Salter - Devon

Dear Solara, I have been using your Essential Daily Practices Meditation for the last few weeks and the energy and light it radiates within me is phenomenal.  You are bringing such important messages and love into the hearts of so many, and into our beloved Mother Earth.  You truly are a Warrior of the Light. My love and gratitude are radiating back to you.  I will look for you in the States next year. Lynn Curtin - Florida

When doing the Pleiadian Essential daily Practices meditation for the first time I felt electric energy tingling in my hands, thank you so much for your sharing and wisdom, much blessings to you sister of light! Namaste, Joanna :)

I have been drawn to the Pleiadians teachings for at least 10 months now - 2 weeks ago I was looking for a meditation to help me and I was drawn to your website.  I would like to thank you so much for your free mediations - since I have been practicing them I have found them most helpful, very moving and powerful. Helen Ricketts - Perth

Wow, awesome, fabulous. These are some of the words that can I describe what the chakra dance has done for me. The first time I did this dance this morning, tears were flowing down my cheeks and I felt great joy and excitement. Then I did this dance with my husband and felt very peaceful & focused. My husband really enjoyed this dance as well. Thank you Solara for all the meditations and channeling's that you have on your website. We greatly enjoy all of them and we love this new web page. We are very appreciative of all that you have helped us understand and feel and have opened up to. We are really looking forward to meeting you one day. May Love be in your Heart, Light in your Life & be Filled with Great Gratitude, Ben & Lorraine - Red Deer, Alberta, Canada