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Assist Solara An-Ra in raising the vibration of our tribe!


Sacred Cobra Breath/Babaji Initiation
with Solara An-Ra

10.00 - 13.00 Sat 19th January 2019

Solara An-Ra  is thrilled to be offering this 4 hour workshop in Ibiza, transmitting this precious Tantric Kriya technique which can be used for individual enlightenment or as part of a tantric practise. Solara is blessed to be over-lighted by Babaji & Yoganada, channelling these great masters for the group to bring their undiluted love into the space.

The Cosmic Cobra Breath is one of the many practices that was kept secret through the ages because people were not ready for Unity Consciousness. This awakening technique has come out of the hidden mystery schools now because we are ready! Human beings no longer have to isolate themselves in caves and practise a life of asceticism in order to progress spiritually. We are meant to be IN THE WORLD in this stage of our evolution, raising our own vibrations in order to assist those who are just awakening. The Time Is Now!

The workshop which will begin with teachings on the immortal master Babaji and a Babaji initiation – a simple ceremony in which each one present will make a personal connection with Him. He is the original transmitter of the Cosmic Cobra Breath ~ it is therefore necessary to ask for His blessing before receiving the knowledge. It doesn’t matter if you know Babaji already or not - all that is needed is an open heart.
The pranayama-visualisation technique you will learn has several components, including using the bandhas (physical locks) which are used in some yoga practises. To prepare yourself for this, read the notes here on the locks/bandahs ~ and if possible practise Alternate Nostril Breathing with the locks as described on the page. Once mastered the Cobra Breath is simple to practise and incredibly enjoyable! It takes only about 7 minutes to do the recommended 14 breaths, ideally twice a day for the first 21 days. Once the ‘psychic circuit’ is established in your body it can be used as and when needed, either on your own or within sacred love-making.
Most people think about kundalini as the serpent energy which arises from the root chakra to burn through the debris in our consciousness/chakras and awaken us to our true selves. This concept incorporates only SHAKTI kundalini. We will learn to invoke not only this powerful force, but also SHIVA kundalini, the God or ultimate Source energy which is ever available to us. The experience of Shakti and Shiva kundalinimoving through our bodies within a single in- and exhalation is the gift which Babaji gives us, through His grace, Light and infinite Love.

Pre-booking and pre-payment is essential
Please WEAR WHITE comfortable clothes & bring a notebook and pen 

Babaji/Cobra Breath Initiation: 55 euros
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2nd time round: 33 euros
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