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Assist Solara An-Ra in raising the vibration of our tribe!


Equinox Blueprint Activation Egypt

A Journey through the Sacred Temples of the Nile
to heal past, present & future timelines 

  13/ 14 - 23 March 2019

2,222 euros ~ including a luxury Nile Cruise & private entrances to the Great Pyramid, Sphinx, Isis, Karnak & Dendara/Hathor Temples!

Email to apply

The price covers: -

  • 9 nights' accommodation (2 per room) ~ 6 nights in 5-star hotels plus 3 nights on a 5-Star Nile Cruise (SINGLE SUPPLEMENT $310)
  • All breakfasts, 11 lunches/dinners
  • Personal meeting in Aswan airport transfers to & from the hotel
  • 1 internal flight (Luxor-Cairo) & all other internal transport
  •  5 amazing 2-hour private entrances: the Great Pyramid, the Sphinx, Philae/Isis, Karnak/Sehkmet & Dendara/Hathor  temples
  • All temple entrance fees
  • Daily channelled guidance, meditations & activations from Solara An-Ra, including an initiation into Babaji's Cosmic Cobra Breath

NB: The tour begins in Aswan and ends in Cairo - so when you book your flight to Cairo, book your internal flight Cairo - Aswan at the same time.

Deposit Egypt 2018: 1,100 euros
Details will be sent on application

Balance (by 1 March 2019): 1,100 euros

Not Included: international flights, internal flight Cairo to Aswan, visa on arrival ($25),
some meals & tips, optional excursions

The time has come, in the dawning of the new Golden Age, to reactivate your original blueprints and fulfil your commitment to assist in the birthing the New Earth. Stored in your collective consciousness is a memory of the enlightened age of ancient Egypt during which many of us - as priests and priestesses of the Order of Melchizedek - succeeded in both activating and maintaining a field of Unity Consciousness, which beamed out to all other sacred sites across our planet. The land of Khem is an accelerator on our journey of awakening.

Join Solara An-Ra, her host of higher-dimensional guides and your own Soul-Star family in this unforgettable healing journey through the Sacred Temples of the Nile. The ancient Egyptians believed that the River Nile represented the backbone of the human body, and contructed the amazing temples along the axis to hold the archetypal energies of the Gods & Goddesses that represent the chakras. Our journey through the chakra temples activates our potential to become fully realised through healing those aspects of our psyche that have held us back, sometimes lifetime after lifetime.

Your calling to join this pilgrimage comes from past & present life contracts you have made to reawaken your inner wisdom and gifts in this lifetime. The Time Is Now!

VISA INFO: There are 41 countries whose citizens are eligible for a visa on arrival: the 27 states in the European Union, Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, South Korea, Macedonia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine, the UK and the US. Other nationalities must apply in their country.


Itinerary 14 - 23 March 2019

Hotel 14th: ASWAN MOVENPICK +20972454455

Day 1 (14th):  If you arrive in Aswan on the 13th, you can take an optional early morning trip on the 14th to Abu Simbel. The bus leaves at 4 a.m. and takes 3 hours each way, so be prepared for a tiring morning - but Abu Simbel is well worthwhile visiting if you are temple crazy :))
We begin our official group journey with dinner together - meet in the hotel dining room at 6pm -  followed by our first group meeting 7 - 9pm. We will receive information on both our collective and individual purpose in the ancient land that our ancestors called Khem.
                                                            Botanical Gardens Kitchener Island, Aswan

Day 2 (15th):
Today we sail on a traditional felucca to our PRIVATE ENTRANCE in the TEMPLE OF ISIS at Philae to watch the sunrise over the Nile. This temple is immeasurably sacred and powerful - a place known to open not only the heart but the entire chakra system. Here we will receive an Isis initiation, that reactivates this frequency in our energetic blueprint.
We then check in before lunch onto our luxury Nile Cruiser, our beautiful floating home for the next 3 nights. Early evening initiation into the Cosmic Cobra Breath.
Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


15, 16, 17th: Luxury Nile Cruise Ship

Day 3 (16th): While enjoying breakfast we cruise to KOM OMBO TEMPLE, the sacral chakra of the Nile, dedicated to Sobek the crocodile God and Horus, the Falcon-headed God. Kom Ombo represents the battle between our lower and higher selves, between the light and the dark, and how to integrate these aspects of ourselves. The ancient Egyptians came to this temple to overcome negativity and fear, through swimming with the crocodiles in an underground crypt.
Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Day 4 (17th): Today we visit EDFU TEMPLE, still in the area of the sacral chakra - where we see the theme of good against evil once more in the story of Isis, Osiris, Set & Horus which is depicted on the temple walls. In the story, Horus eventually overcomes his lower self/evil through a series of challenges - just as we do in our own journeys. We then sail onto Luxor, home of the Solar Plexus chakra. Evening: LUXOR TEMPLE & optional night market shopping.
Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

18,19th: Luxor Steinberger Nile Palace: +20 952366999
Day 5 (18th): After breakfast we will explore the wondrous Valley of the Kings, the Pharaoh's gateway to the afterlife & HATSHEPUT Temple. After lunch and a rest at our new hotel, we have an early evening PRIVATE ENTRANCE to the amazing complex of KARNAK, also associated with the Solar Plexus, where we will enter the tiny Sanctuary of the Goddess Sekhmet – she who bestows courage and power to those who are willing and able to embrace it.
Included: Breakfast, lunch
Day 6 (19th): Full day trip to ABYDOS & DENDARA TEMPLES, the Heart Chakra of the Nile, and a pivotal part of our journey. Abydos, the most famous necropolis of ancient Egypt, includes the Temple of Seti, in which the stunning wall and ceiling paintings and sculpted column work are a treasure to behold, and the mysterious flooded temple of Oseiron with it's flower of life symbol.  After lunch we continue on the bus to Dendara, dedicated to Hathor, the Goddess of love and joy. Ancient Egyptians believed that when the heart is open, our spiritual selves are revealed. And So It Is!
Included: Breakfast, lunch
20, 21, 22nd: Cairo Pyramids Hotel: +20 233772555

Day 7 (20th): We fly north to complete our journey with 3 precious days on the famous Giza plateau. We will check into our luxurious hotel before lunch and enjoy free time for relaxation until our evening PRIVATE ENTRANCE & EQUINOX TRANSMISSION in The Great Pyramid. We have the immense priveledge of 2 private hours in the pyramid, visiting the Queen and King's chambers You may even choose to enter the actual sarcophegus. We even have the option of descending into the underground chamber described by Drunvalo in the 'Flower of Life', which is barred to normal tourists. We will complete our visit with a sound/toning session in the King's Chamber which is known to be an inter-dimensional portal activated by sound.
Included: Breakfast 

Day 8 (21st): At dawn we experience an amazing PRIVATE ENTRANCE in the Sphinx of Giza. The Sphinx is a portal to opening psychic/extra-sensory perception. The 'Hall of Records' said to be hidden under the Sphinx is in fact accessible to us through going into states of higher meditation and expanded consciousness. Short camel ride (or horse & chariot if you prefer) to the classic photo viewpoint. Free time for lunch and to chill around the pool. Evening integration and guidance session.
Included: Breakfast, dinner
Day 9 (22nd): Early morning visit to Saqqara, the throat chakra, and home of the most ancient step pyramids in Egypt. Saqqara is aligned with the God Thoth - the enlightened communicator, holy scribe & wisdom keeper. The temple, when activated, opens a portal to communication, integrity and truth.
Afternoon Options: Egyptian Museum/Coptic Cairo tour. Final group dinner & closing circle.
Breakfast, dinner
Day 10 (23rd): Breakfast at the hotel, check-outs and transfers to Cairo airport.
Included: Breakfast

             Camel Ride on the Giza plateau                                      Luxor Temple at Sunset

Morning Felucca Ride to the Temple of isis

Left: Sunrise at Isis Temple                            Right: The Night Market at Luxor


 Helicopter/tank images & Flower of Life in Abydos   

                                    The Time Is Now!


Recommendations from Egypt January 2018

Dearest Solara, there are just no words available in the English language to express my joy and gratitude for the Egypt trip. Or in any other language, for that matter. I will try my best though! When I said in Luxor on the last evening that this was the most amazing trip I have ever been on in my lifetime I wasn’t exaggerating. A TRIP in all senses of the word. Upon setting foot in Egypt under your loving and determined guidance I felt like entering another dimension. You and your guides have helped me to experience Unity Consciousness. I am crying while writing this. I feel in love with the whole group. My heart has never been this open.πŸ’“ 

And this is what I want to help expanding in the world. I will do everything in my power to spread love and truth.
I AM ready for change.
I AM beloved.
I AM an awakener.
Thank you for your work and dedication, and for making this possible for all of us, and all the people before us. I could seriously continue writing 3 pages of praising, but I will end it here in order not to bore you, also considering the other 38 letters of thanks you are most probably sifting through now πŸ˜
Love and thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you, Andrea
My dear Solara An-Ra, thank you SO very much for taking us to Egypt and expending your energy for us all with love, kindness and always humour. This trip has left a deep mark on me, my inner connection especially with Sekhmet has ingrained itself into me. My heartfelt thanks and gentle, loving hugs. I love you very much Solara. You are a truly blessed soul. Love Amina
Blessings of love Solara❀ Thank you soooooo much for the amazing trip to Egypt! What a blessing to experience all the magic that took place and the amazing connections made - not just the group the land the people, and even travelling through a different time continuum. When i got home i felt that i got back from a huge expedition in space. I was shattered but buzzing. I know it took such a lot of time and effort for you to organise such a phenominal trip and am so grateful to have had the opportunity i did.  Im still intergrating as a journey like that you dont get much time to intergrate untill your in your own space. Im a looking back and forward and in the now with the knowing that I have been blessed. Wishing you the abundance of the universe and that your dreams with Gino all be manifested to your hearts dreaming and joy. All my love and light Rachel xxxx ❀
Dear Solara and Itzak, I just wanted to say thank you both SO very much for a fantastic trip which went off flawlessly and for all the organizing involved and hard work to bring it all together. It was wonderful to meet such interesting people and to be part of the World Service work and to visit such majestic temples and pyramids and to experience what we did. It was great to meet you both and I hope to see you soon in Ibiza. Love and thank you thank you! Lianne
Dearest Solara:  I have to tell you that this Egypt trip, for me, exceeded my expectations!  So  Magical!! My experience was being in bliss all  the time.  I had no specifically reincarnations rememberance, though I definitely had the rememberance of having lived in so many lives and temples that we visited. One special one was at Sekhmet temple in Karnak. Just before entering in her chamber, I felt the walls and floor trembling. We enter her chamber and while with my full intention of setting her, renewing her, renovating her with more energy by  feeling her all drained of her natural vibration from the Mighty Father, and light from the above... my wings opened and glorious energy started flowing and showering between Sekhmet and me. After that, I received a message from her to come back to her when nobody was there. I went ahead and stood in front of her statue presence, touching her heart and felt that I was drawn into a vortex. This has never happened to me before.... It was so strong that I thought the statue was falling and I kept holding her so the statue would not fall but It was me that was going through the vortex. It was so strong that I had to let go and then, realize what had happened. When you all moved away and,everyone left, I came back sat in the lotus position in front of her with eyes closed waiting for her sign, I  open my eyes and saw that her eyes where two rays of fire on top of me, she was ignited.  Those rays were so potent exchanging within my eyes..  Then she said:  "It is Completed!" "Thank you!"  I do not know what she Thank me for...  While being in the lake, do you remember that we were all together holding hands and you were speaking near the lake, I looked up to the temple and saw two openings in the temple like windows fired up, It seemed like theret was a fire inside the temple.  I smiled and it felt so normal for me to see her energy glowing, as I was accustomed to it. Up to now,  I wake up with her fired eyes waking me up.Thank you Solara An Ra for bestowing me such a wonderful rememberance experience! Love Belkis